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I have to go for now. 
I’ll be back later!

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Jacob stared at the Puppet behind the desk, it looked very familiar. "Uncle Ange?"




"Uhh… Hey there, Jake. Your Uncle Angel’s just a little… sick right now.”

"That’s right, kiddo." Angel nodded. "You be careful up there. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t stand up all the way. You’ll lose your balance." 

"How long’s a lil’l whiles? Mummy says it means lotta things. Da says it means ‘m not allowed ta ask ‘gain fer the night." Jacob canted his head a little. "Not gonna fall, ‘m holdin’ on see?" He leaned back a little from the desk, holding on to the draw which slid out a little bit. "How’re you standin’ up? My toys can’ do that.”

Don’t—- Don’t do that, buddy.
Hold the chair not the desk, okay?”

"It … depends. We’re not quite sure
how long it’ll be.”

"Errm … 
we’re not quite sure
of that either.

You ask a lot of good questions, kiddo.
I bet Fred and Wes. are proud.”

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"I think I can handle one punch to the face, Buffy … 
Is everything okay?
You seem very … 

"I’m fine. I’m excited to be helping you. I heard so much about you," she told him. "The data I have on you isn’t comprehensive or anything. So I only know what the Real Buffy told me."

"The … wait,

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"I’m not Angelus.

I’m   A n g e l .”


"And I’m so damn  s o r r y  I’m a disappointment to you.
Obviously, I allowed myself to be turned into
an annoying, felt toy  p u r e l y  to annoy you.”

"Angelus, Angel, the sooner you realise it’s all the same, the better. I spent the better part of a century working that out." She smiled bitterly. "Is anyone else under the same curse as you? Cordelia perhaps, Dru…The boy? Assuming he survived.”

She held his gaze with a emotionless exterior. “Did he?” 

"If by  ’ c u r s e ‘  you   ' h a s   a   s o u l '
then yes—— everyone I work with has one of those.

If you mean this puppet thing
… no.”

"We’re not going to talk about Conner.”

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i n f o ;

I know I missed a lot of people for starters, but since I’m not familiar with certain fandoms and am feeling a little uninspired at the moment, please feel free to take a look through my open starters tag and jump on any that you’d like.

Plenty of them are still unanswered, and I’m fine if you want to use one that already has notes on it. If you want me to repost it for you, just send me a message with the post number. 

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Ahk! Buffy don’t———! 

Ah, god damn it … “

" … Hi, Buffy."

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"Seriously, how does  e v e r y o n e   get into my office?
It used to be so hard to break into Wolfram & Hart when I was doing it …”

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"Look, before you scream——
Yes, I’m a talking puppet.

But I’m kind of in a hurry so … 
Have you seen a human sized rat around recently?

… Possibly with a second head?”

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"A bit busy, here. What is it?"

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