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cordelia chase (angel the series)

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"I’m fine. Lead the way."


"And when we find this guy, let me handle it. 
 Wesley already told me how to kill the thing.”

"What’s the trick?" she asked. She knew the real Buffy was a leader and not a follower, so she tried to fill the role but still came off much more chipper than the true Slayer. "I should know, too. You know, in case he punches you in face and you don’t get up." She obeyed and began to lead the way.

"I think I can handle one punch to the face, Buffy … 
Is everything okay?
You seem very … 

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"Long story. I should really start getting pamphlets made."
He waved his hands at the notion. 


"Are you okay out here? I’ve been tracking a vamp a couple a’ blocks now. Maybe you should get indoors? Get home?”

[  She accepts his vague answer for now, but still expects
   a better explanation at some point. People— or vampires—
   don’t just turn into puppets; that much she’s sure of.

            She declines his offer to leave with a shake of her
             head, unwilling to leave the shelter vulnerable. ]


"I can’t just leave the kids on their own.
Especially since it can get in here— - it can, right?”

"What kids?" 

"——Well, can’t you take them with you?”

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"I’m special." he says simply. [Great. I’m the laughing stock of the entire LA Branch of Wolfram & Hart. Perfect.] 

"They must’ve been confused. You’re really not supposed to be here … Where’s your mommy and daddy?"

"So you’re like Pinocchio? Like the fairy tale? No strings to hold you down. But in this case no person to make you talk." This was all fascinating to her.

"Oh." Her face fell a little. "I’m not supposed to? I was only being curious mister. And mama and daddy are around town somewhere. Said I could explore provided I get back before we gotta, got to take off. Although they probably want me back before dark. That’s when they say the reavers come out to catch all the bad children."

Angel groaned. 
He was so sick of the Pinocchio references. 

"Something like that," he grumbles. 

"Your parents just let you go wandering at your age?" That seemed odd. “Yeah —— law firms really aren’t places kids should go wandering. 

         … And you definitelywant to get home before dark in this town.”

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"What, Harmony? Why is

 she you secretary anyways? 
 Isn’t the girl as smart as a rock? 

I mean.. What do you need me to 

She took the file and placed it in her lap before opening it. 

"Don’t insult rocks." 

"Back before we took control of this branch she was working here —— back when evil was okay here —— and then when we took over management they made her my secretary since I knew her … I guess you could call it pity that’s kept her around since. But … I don’t know, she’s not that bad." 

He leans over and points to the file as she starts reading it over. 

"There’s a growing nest of vampires who’ve been hanging around a building where a lot of young homeless folks are squatting. The squatters have been easy targets. Luckily, this nest just blew into town and they aren’t high profile enough for Wolfram & Hart to try and make clients of them, but it still won’t look too good if me or any of my team go after them. But that’s not to say an 'independent agent' couldn’t make sand art out of them.”

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"No, no, no! Don’t let her in! Don’t——" 

But he hears the door open and quickly spins the chair around so he cannot be seen. 

He calls out from behind the big leather chair. 
"Buffy, uh, hey. This … this is   k i n d   o f  a bad time.”


Buffy peers into the office, and sees the back of the leather chair. Angel must be behind the chair…

"I need to talk to you, it’s kinda urgent…" She walks further into the office. "Why is it a bad time?"


"I’m dealing with a slightly, uh, debilitating physical … condition.

[ Not to mention embarrassing.

"Couldn’t you … go tell Wesley or Gunn or somebody? Or, heck, why don’t you tell Harmony? She’ll take a memo … if she knows how to.”

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"Can’t stay here?" Sky’s eyes slid past the puppet at the desk to the wall of weapons and other things behind him. Maybe if she stayed in one spot her vampire would find her instead of the other way around.

Besides, there was cool stuff here and it seemed like the talking puppet (that said he wasn’t usually a puppet) wasn’t so bad, Just a bit grouchy. “You said you aren’t a plushie all the times right?” She crawled up onto a chair, “What’s you usually?” She pointed at a weapon on the wall, “And what’s all those?”

"Sorry, but I’m about to have two warring cults in here that I have to referee, and I’m pretty sure both of them eat kids, so I don’t think your parents would be too happy with me if I let you stick around … “ 

"Those?" He looks behind him. “Those are just … Don’t worry about those. 

Why don’t I call my secretary Harmony in? You two can …  paint each others nails or something.”

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     A law firm indeed. What she had left England
     to avoid. The Ministry, The Watchers’ Council,
     they were all so… orderly, over there. She had
     thought she’d fit in perfectly. But Order demands

                              “I’m sure you’re… fine—-

                                   You    W H A T ?
                    Her eyes screamed, widening slightly,
                   but her lips remained sealed, keeping it
                                        to herself. 

            “Being killed is definitely something people are
                   going to have to… come around from.

     She smiled sympathetically. She knew what
     he was; mostly from Stories. She’d never have
     been able to tell it in this form. 


                                 ”All right, let’s see this form —- 
                               Do you have a pen, please? She
                                swept her way over to a seat at
                                the other side of his desk. You 
                              can explain what happened while I
                                 fill it in; i’ve had a lot of practice 

      “I’m not so sure I’m supposed to be 
       talking about that sort of stuff … “

[ Oh, throw her a bone. ]
——-he could almost hear Cordy telling him. 
[ She just got dragged here and
she’s willing to take orders from
a talking puppet.

      ”Uh, well … 
       It’s not like it was unprovoked. 

       They tried to kill me first. 
        … I guess they weren’t too happy
       the senior partners were outsourcing.” 

He tapped his fingers on the desk,
feeling awkward in the silence as she worked.

      ”And … your story?
       You’re not trying to find Willow Rosenburg, are you?
       I hear she’s making quite a name for herself,”

[ 'The Most Powerful Wicca
in the Western Hemisphere,’ to be exact. ]

      ”——-but we haven’t seen Willow around for awhile.” 

[ Not since they severed ties with us
when we took over Wolfram & Hart. ]

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What in the hell was the toy talking about? Angelus couldn’t help laughing at the thing and bent down to its level. “I don’t know what delusion you’re having,” he said, “but there’s only one of me and you’re not him.”


Standing up straight again he backed up a step to look at the thing fully and shook his head. Less and less sense was being made the more the stupid wannabe talked. Sharing headspace, body-splitting spells? No, the thing was clearly out of whatever felt mind it had. “Normally I’d recommend you stop before you make a fool but, really it’s almost entertaining this way. Maybe Dru would like you for a pet, I heard Miss Edith could use a playmate.”

"Alright, that’s it——"

He let his vamp face come out and promptly pounced on his doppelganger. 

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